WiFI Hacking with KALI Linux 2.0


WiFi Hacking with KALI Linux 2.0 (or KALI 2016.1)

KALI Linux is one of the most popular hacking distributions out there. It contains over 300 different hacking tools and applications. Including many WiFi-based hacking software and tools.

KALI Linux 2.0 Used On All Examples

I strongly advice to get KALI Linux 2.0 for your hacking experiments. All of our articles are based on KALI Linux 2.0. They were tested with the latest release of this operation system. There might be some modification to execute specific WiFi Hacks with KALI. These modification will be documented in our articles.

If you feel not comfortable with using KALI Linux, you can also go for Ubuntu. We are currently creating a Website named “Ubuntu for Pentesting“. That Site shows how to install the various Hacking Tools (WiFi included!) on Ubuntu! It can be used as Alternative Hacking Linux to KALI Linux 2.0.

KALI Linux 2.0 Downloads

You can download KALI Linux 2.0 for your own hacking experiments. It is available from their Homepage. It contains different versions of KALI Linux. For our references, we are using the

KALI Linux 64-Bit (Full) Version

in our articles.

Check out their Download Page: KALI Linux 2.0 Downloads

KALI Linux 2.0 Installation Guide

Detailed Instruction for KALI Linux 2.0 you can find on the KALI Doc Website. If you experience trouble, check out our partner Site “Hackers Workshop“. We have posted some solutions to fix installation problems on KALI Linux 2.0.

Here’s the official: KALI Linux 2.0 Installation Guide

Sometimes you will find updates on their TWITTER Channel

More Hacking Tutorials: Hackers-Workshop.net

More Hacking Tutorials and Information about KALI Linux you will find on our partner site


WiFi Hacking on Social Media

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