WiFi Hacking Tools: Top 5 Tools

WIFI WEP Hacking
WIFI WEP Hacking

Which tools are useful and assist you with hacking a Wireless Network. Here are my personal favourites. See the Top 5 Tools for WiFi Hackers!

1. Aircrack NG

Aircrack is the best WiFi hacking and cracking tool around. Still, there is a problem: It’s kind of complicated. It can crack 802.11 WEP as well as WPA-PSK keys and is one of the best tools around. At WEP you can use injections (airreply) and for WPA-based attacks a sniffer (airodump). It includes special attacks like KoreK or PTW as well, which makes hacking a WiFi much faster. This tool is the first choice of all professional WiFi Hackers. It’s clearly on the top spot of my list. You find a lot of articles on this Blog (and on KALI Nethunter Blog) as well, which go deeper into details.

Here’s the DOWNLOAD of Aircrack NG.

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