Review: Best Book To Learn About Wifi Hacking

Wifi Hacking Books

Wifi Hacking: To that topic there are almost NO books available. At least useful books.

This one i found maybe two years ago. Don’t worry about it publish date. Nor about that it requires “Backtrack Linux”.

It all works fine with KALI Linux as well.

The Book contains the following chapters:

  • Wireless Lab Setup
  • WLAN and Its Inherent Insecurities
  • Bypassing WLAN Authentication
  • WLAN Encryption Flaws
  • Attacks on the WLAN Infrastructure
  • Attacking the Client
  • Advanced WLAN Attacks
  • Attacking WPA-Enterprise with RADIUS
  • WLAN Penetration Testing Methodology

Especially cool the the chapter “Attacking WPA-Enterprise with RADIUS”. It really works! Backside, you need to compile the required Fake-Radius-Server since its no longer included in KALI Linux (what a boomer!).

If you are serious about WLAN Hacking, you should really get this book!

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